Suggested references

George LaBarre - Centennial Documents Auction Catalog 1985

I believe this auction catalog from George LaBarre to be the earliest formal auction catalog concerning stocks and bonds that I received. At the time, I was selling collectible paper money. 

Dual gauge switch at Colorado Railroad Museum

These pages list practically every source of information I have consulted since starting this project sometime in the late 1980s. Missing are probably hundreds of "touches" to web references where I procured minimal information about names, dates, places, and events. The majority of those passing searches involved finding bits of information at,com,, JSTOR and websites of countless companies companies like the Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, BNSF, and the CN.

Obviously, anyone who has collected railroad certificates for awhile probably has tried to find information about companies and encountered railroad historical societies. I could probably spend hours trying to list all the websites of libraries, railfan sites, museums, and historical societies I've encountered over the years. I would say that the majority of those encounters proved fruitless for whatever I might have been attempting to discover. On the other hand, who knows how many of those brushes against information resulted in discovering some off-purpose bit of information that ultimately ended up somewhere in this project?

I know that typical collectors could not possibly care about these compilations. Still, I offer these lists to the rare individuals who might want reminders of where they might be able to find obscure information about certificates or specialties that interest them.

Access these lists by clicking at left. They contain information about:

  • Auctions and mailbids
    • Dealer mailbids
    • Formal auctions, primarily from the U.S., Germany, and Belgium
  • Books and other sources about certificates or certificate collecting
    • Books, hard and softcover
    • Magazines 
    • Ephemeral sources
    • Unpublished sources
  • Collector contributions
    • Discussion of how collectors have contributed to this project
  • Companies
    • Primary sources of company names, regardless of whether certificates are known or not
  • Engraving and securities
    • Engraving and printing technology
    • Sources that discuss financing, investing, and securities
    • Miscellaneous topics (banking, biography, forgery)
  • Price guides
    • Books and catalogs about certificates that contained price listings
  • Price lists
    • Dealer fixed price listings consulted, both physical and online